Zeropoint (digital album)


The album ‘Zeropoint’ is Chris Max Jones’ debut album on the Chapman Stick. It is the culmination of many years’ work. Some of the songs were written as part of his Masters Degree in Songwriting. Others, such as ‘European Girl’ and “Love and Nature’, were started a few years ago.

It contains 9 songs in Mp3 format.

See description below for audio samples.

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“ The album reflects the synchronicity of a number of important significant events in my life… in particular the acquisition of 5th dan in Budo Taijutsu. The term ‘Zeropoint’ is a reference to the loss of ego or ‘disappearing’ which is important in training for this event, as well as the lack of ego that I consider important in order to work creatively in a more productive way .”

The Chapman Stick is a relatively new instrument for the Singer/ Songwriter. “It’s the most complete and physically demanding instrument that I have found…possibly along with the voice. It is a hybrid between the keyboard, bass guitar, electric guitar and percussion. An instrument with so little history and which offers a universe of creative possibilities.”

Chris Max Jones embraced the Stick and sees his role as utilizing this instrument and bringing it to the attention of the public.
“ I use the stick to create a groove on the tracks and then normally record with the instruments that I feel are needed.”



Ready to Stay

European Girl

Rum Runner

Open Doors

Heading South

Yesterday’s Way

Memories of Yuka

Deep Blue Regret

Love and Nature


CMJ “I have two Chapman Sticks. A Grand Tarara 7, 5 and a Railboard 10 string. The current album I’m working on uses exclusively the Tarara Stick. For me this is a really percussive instrument as the bass is very strong. I plan to do recording with the Railboard Stick soon. I also have an Ovation Elite guitar (electroacoustic), a Takamine classical guitar (electroacoustic), A Godin LGX guitar (electric), a Yamaha RBX bass, a Vintage fretless bass, an electric mandolin and a Japanese shamisen (lute) though they are all played only rarely as a result of my time being spent on the stick.”

The pedalboard is central to a working rhythm.

CMJ. ” I use the Stepabout as my main Stick preamp. I had previously been using the Rane SP13 but the Stepabout is a complete solution as it offers two separate effects channels for bass and guitar. Together with this I use effects pedals. The Strymon El Capistan tape delay gives me a rich lush echo.I use the Electro Harmonix Cathedral for reverb and the EHX Canyon for shimmer. I have two chorus pedals, the MXR micro chorus , and the Strymon Ola. For filtering I use the Jacques Trinity and the Boss SD1 provides overdrive. The Koch Pedal Tone is used for extra warmth occasionally. I also use the Boss SY300 synth pedal for textures and the Boss RC300 as a loop station and basic mixer. I amplify everything with Mackie SRM 450s.”

I work with Logic Pro X and a Mac book pro. An RME babyface is my main recording interface. The Stepabout is great for recording but I also use the SY300 which has excellent cleans. For vocals I use Rode microphones and occasionally my Arturia Keylab Essential 49 midi controller.

I would like to thank Jero Castella for mastering on the album


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