Travelling and languages: My way of communication.

CMJ has a degree in English and Social Ethics (Lancaster University) as well as a diploma in advanced English teaching and management skills (Trinity College London) and a Masters degree in songwriting (Bath Spa University).

“I have been living abroad for a long time, first in Japan, then in Italy and now in France.”

Whilst living in these countries CMJ has learned the local languages. “This is not so easy and requires time, perseverance and most importantly regular practice”. It is this understanding that helps with the process of language teaching and consultancy. Communicative language teaching is emphasised and phonetics has become a speciality, particularly in France, where pronunciation issues can create difficulties in communication.” I like to integrate an awareness of music into my work. English is a beautiful language and music is central in our culture.” CMJ also teaches songwriting skills as well as the guitar.

Nice to meet you!

“I can help you with your English. I will encourage you to be Independent and to communicate effectively. This process starts with teacher correction, but after a while the students will correct themselves. Finally errors will be reduced and the result is that the student will speak with confidence and clarity. I look forward to meeting you and to helping you to achieve these targets.” CMJ


I would like to thank Marion Dunyach for photography on this site